Dierenkliniek Den Ham betrokken bij 2 grote onderzoeken

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Groots nakomelingen onderzoek Pavo gepubliceerd in Journal of equine veterinary science:

JEVS Article on Pavo OC-OCD researc ONLINE


Onderzoek naar arthritis;  samenwerking tussen de veterinaire en humane sector.

“Though the ultimate research goal is to help people with arthritis, the veterinary sector can also benefit from Karperien’s research. He first wants to test the treatment method on animals, such as racehorses with a knee injury. Karperien: “This will not only help the animals and their owners, you also gather relevant knowledge, which can be used in the future once we begin treating human patients.” For his research, Karperien is working closely with the Den Ham Animal clinic and Utrecht University’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.”

Lees hier het artikel: Karperien MIRA 7

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