Vet Check

Vetting Horses

Vetting horses is daily work at Dierenkliniek Den Ham. This is usually done in the context of buying or selling, or for insurance of your horse. A complete examination consists of a clinical evaluation and a radiological examination

Clinical assessment
A general evaluation to get an impression of different organs and the movement of the horse. Bending probes are evaluated and the horse is inspected on the hard and soft surface. After exercise, the heart and lungs are checked again.

The clinical examination can also consist of the inspection of nasal passages and throat.

Radiographic Inspection

The imaging of the bony parts of the horse is done with digital radiographs. We can provide the different projections the veterinarians from abroad would like to have. In the Netherlands, we follow the standard provided by the KNMvD/ Equine Veterinarians.

If necessary we can evaluate soft tissues by ultrasound. We can document the findings and send them abroad for evaluation, by the Home- Veterinarian.